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Hello Humans!
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I make team appreciations easy and fun with your favorite emojis.
Why don't you take me for a spin? Your team will love it!

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"Engazify is the simplest and funniest way to engage a team to work together. It's seamless integration allowed us to start right away with some positive reinforcements and team building. People really like it and connect to each other, better thanks to Engazify."
Cedric Blum, Global Head of Customer Engagement at Iflix

How it works

Your teammate did a great job at work today. Great! Why hold back? Share some emoji love with them right now.
Simply tag your teammate and add your favorite appreciation emoji and leave the rest up to Engazify bot.
Engazify bot keeps an eye out for all the appreciations, be it through an emoji or some praise words set by you.
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You can define your own exclusive set of emoji and praise words for your team. Something like, [ :clap: Great Job ].
Get creative, explore your imagination, and surprise your team with the choicest of emojis.
You can go up to 10 different appreciation emojis for your team. That means 10 times more fun and productivity.
Need some ideas? Check out top trending emojis & praise words that other teams in our network are using.
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Engazify bot keeps track of all those awesome appreciations happening in your team. No appreciation can ever bypass his 24 hour surveillance.
Use awesome commands like stats & leaderboard to keep a tab on all your activities.
Did we not mention, Everything inside Slack!
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Get a weekly summary of all your team activities, that way you are never away from all the action.
Need a fresh start? Reset all your team stats and leaderboard whenever you want. Admins only.
Can't get enough? Check out some magic commands to interact with the bot and tickle your funny bone.

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Employees are motivated

Employee motivation leads them to work harder, meaning higher employee retention & more productivity for your organization.

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Builds awesome team culture

Encourages a behavior of celebrating mini successes while strengthening your team's culture on a day to day basis.

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Increases Team Productivity

Your team gets real time feedback & appreciation, resulting in more productivity & engagement.

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"Engazify has helped our team to keep our company's core values fresh in our minds. We have a lot of fun recognizing each other with emojis that map to our core values."
Justin Carboneau, Happiness Engineer at Exygy
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team appreciations
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team productivity
20 hours
time saved each
month per manager
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